Operating System Disk for Roland W-30 (Ver. 1.10)

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The W-30 Music Work Station was one of the coolest and most powerful keyboards Roland ever made. It was really three separate devices in one box; a keyboard controller, a sampler and a MIDI sequencer. The ability to use these three devices separately still makes the W-30 a very useful if old skool keyboard. Here is the Ver. 1.10 operating system you need to run the Roland W-30 Music Work Station. This item contains only the OS disk not the sound and song disks 1 & 2. Those can be found here. These OS disks are written by me on NOS Imation 2HD 3.5″ floppy disks. Included for the price are TWO labeled diskettes so you will have a backup in hand. Colors will vary and I am not able to take color requests.

Please note these are not factory originals, which are by now long discontinued and untrustworthy. These OS’s are generally available for free on the web if you search around but you will need a floppy drive to write them. I make no claims or warranties on any Roland materials. The price you pay is for the two diskettes and labels not the software. If you have any questions send an email. No warranty and Non returnable.

See:  Do It Yourself Musician #11 – Roland W-30 Keyboard A/C power cord mod

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