Mogami 2319 Right Angle Patch Cables

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Product Description

This is our standard pedal board patch cable made with premium Mogami 2319 cable and your choice of Right Angle Pancake or standard Right Angle connectors. 2319 is smaller diameter low capacitance cable with great noise rejection. Perfect for tight pedal boards. Lengths from four inches to two feet are available. Please select your length and connector combination. Length is measured from connector tip to connector tip. Nominal O.D: .197in. Color: Black

Connector orientation: With short lengths of cable, stress is created if it is twisted too much. Therefor the connectors can be soldered on in U-shape (default) orientation with both connector tips pointing the same way or in Z-shape orientation with the connectors tips pointing opposite of each other. U-shape is typically used to plug two side jack or two top jack pedals together and Z-shape is used when you need to plug a side jack pedal to a top jack pedal or vice versa. See illustration here.


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Nominal O.D:

.197 inches




+/- 0.25"

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