DC Barrel to 2-Pin Lemo

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Male DC Barrel connector to 2-pin Lemo DC power accessory cable. Use this cable to tap power from DV batteries (Swit etc.) and battery plates (TV Logic etc.) with DC taps . Made of high quality cable with authentic Switchcraft and Lemo connectors. Choice of straight or 90 Degree Lemo. Choose from 2.1mm or 2.5mm x 5.5mm DC barrel connectors. The DC Barrel connector is wired Center Positive.

Please be sure to order the proper polarity cable for your devices! Two wiring schemes exist for 2-pin Lemo power connections. “Standard wiring” with Pin 1 Positive for Redrock, Bartech, others and so called “Arri wiring” with Pin 1 Ground for Arri, Teradek, Paralinx and others. We use red connector boots to denote the Arri Pin 1 Ground scheme. Pin 1 is the pin aligned with the key and the red dot. If you are not sure which cable you need consult the manufacturers documentation for your devices. We are not responsible for any damage to equipment from the improper use of these cables. Color: Black Nominal O.D: .189in. 4.80mm

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FGG.0B.302 (Straight) or FHG.0B.302 (90 Degree) Lemo connector with Black (standard wiring) or Red (Arri wiring) boot. Cables are intended to power 12-24v accessories.

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