Colorful Weapon is a custom cable and rig building shop for video and music production professionals. I sell custom made and pre-made video and audio cabling assemblies with a variety of options as well as various accessories to make your rig run smoother.

On the video side you will find high quality cabling that meets or exceeds SMPTE HD-SDI production video standards. Cables that are perfect for HD film production, camera rigs, steadicam rigs, Ronin/Movi rigs, jibs etc. I build BNC cabling as well as various types of power and accessory cables such as Lemo and P/D-Tap.

On the audio side you will find high quality cables suitable for stage and studio use in guitar, keyboard, recording and production sound rigs. 1/4″, XLR, MIDI, Lemo, Hirose etc. everything you need in custom format. Production sound cabling is available for mics, wireless, sync etc. Custom pedal boards, switch boxes, interface boxes and snakes are also available.

Do It Yourself Musician is my Youtube channel and you will find links to those videos here under Projects. On my channel I feature lots of information on building and repairing electronic instruments, effects, cabling, pedal boards, synths and samplers. Keeping vintage electronic music equipment running is a hobby of mine and you will find synth and sampler OS’s available here for your units as well as some used units for sale.


To insure the highest possible quality Colorful Weapon always uses the manufacturer recommended tooling and procedures. All BNC’s are crimped using the manufacturers tooling to the proper specifications. All solder connections are made with temperature controlled soldering irons not exceeding the recommended temperature and duration.


Colorful Weapon is owned and operated by Jason L. King who has 15+ years of experience in the Film/Video, Pro Audio and Music production fields. In addition to Colorful Weapon he works as a contract cable maker and QC tech to large multi-national A/V staging companies. Colorful Weapon has the experience and know how to deliver clean, strong and technically competent builds.

Due to the current world situation we are temporarily closed until further notice. If you need warranty service please email us. Dismiss